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Amount of protein to keep blood sugar steady

proteinI have blood sugar “issues”, and that means that for me, getting protein throughout the day is very important.  Health Canada recommends a daily protein intake of 0.8g x your body weight in kg.  Since most of us still weigh ourselves in pounds, the translation is 0.36g x your body weight in lbs.  Another website suggests this should be based on our “ideal weight”.  For example, if your ideal weight is

  • 120lbs: 43g of protein per day
  • 140lbs: 50g of protein per day
  • 160lbs: 58g of protein per day

These amounts are a general guideline, and vary depending on your body type, your metabolism, and the amount of muscle-building exercise you are doing.  Your protein needs increase if you are pregnant. 

Often we get too much protein at dinner and not enough during the rest of the day.  If you feel hungry not long after eating or if you find that you are drawn to sweet things and breads, consider adding some protein to your breakfast and lunch.


  • raw nuts (4-6g protein for a handful)
  • add seeds onto salads (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame)
  • add goat cheese to salads or wraps
  • two organic eggs – scrambled or hard-boiled (12g)
  • add 1/2 can salmon to salad or make into sandwich (11g)
  • Amy’s lentil soup (8g)
  • 1 cup plain yogurt sweetened with berries or juice (13g)
  • beans, sprouted lentils, peanut butter, chicken, shrimp…