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Healing a stiff neck

neck painSomehow I injured my neck on Saturday. I woke up Sunday morning and found it extremely painful to hold up my head. Every jerk of my standard transmission car was painful. It hurt whenever I wasn’t holding my neck with my hands.  I was almost tempted to ask someone to get me one of those soft neck braces that doctors used to recommend.  I even tried ibuprofen to get to sleep even though I dislike pills, but it only helped a little bit.  After trying EFT, BSFF and time without any relief, I started making calls to find help. On Tuesday I had a massage and my first ever chiropractor appointment. I think the magic combination was a treatment by my chiropractor James Rice followed by a treatment by my Reiki energy healer Virginia Smith and then sleeping with one of my subtle energy disks under my neck.  I had substantially less pain and was able to move my neck enough to look people in the eyes.  After several days and treatments I am able to move my neck (almost) normally again and I don’t have any pain, only discomfort.  The best explanation for the cause of the neck injury came from my chiropractor’s receptionist – I must have hurt it when I pushed a school bus full of screaming children out of the way of danger 🙂

Thank you also to my massage therapist Cindy at Langley’s Spa Utopia for the wonderful relaxing and pain-reducing massage.