Buying healthy food

Healthier Holiday Baking

holiday cookiesIn the grocery store I see specials on white flour, sugar and walnuts, just in time for baking season.  Consider modifying some of your holiday recipes.  What about using half whole wheat flour?  I recommend Camino sugar (at Save-on and health food stores) as a substitute for white sugar.  It is less refined and easier for your body to digest.  Be careful with walnuts – because they are so high in Omega 3 oils they go rancid quickly.   The process starts as soon as the nut is broken.  Rancid nuts are toxic in your body.  I suggest you buy them in the shell or somewhere they are purchased frequently (I like Costco and Grecos Mediterannean store near King George Hwy in Surrey).  Store all shelled nuts in the fridge or freezer for longer life.