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New Health Food store in South Surrey

Antony and Sons Organic FoodAfter visiting my naturopath at Living Wellness Center, I stopped in at a new health food store that has not yet officially opened.  Almost everything in their store is organic and some is unique to the area.  It is called Antony & Sons, and is located in Elgin Corners – the corner of 32nd & 140th in South Surrey.  I recommend that you stop by if you live in the area or if you are heading out to Crescent Beach.  They have excellent prices on fresh organic produce (98c/lb for organic oranges!) and great prices on the food on the shelf.  In addition to the oranges and some basics, I bought some dried tart cherries, which I have only seen in health food stores south of the border.  They also have unpasteurized raw almonds, which are hard to find.  It is a family-run store with very knowledgeable and friendly owners.

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I just found out about these guys today! I biked over to their shop and was amazed at the selection, the quality of produce and the owners knowledge about fair trade, organic & locally produce product. They have an amazing herb & spice section, the best in quality I’ve ever seen and I got a couple of free samples of some of their organic herbal teas which I can’t wait to steep. Antony & Sons is a local business so its a great way to support your South Surrey community. Thanks, Elizabeth @ Ocean Park Butchers for sending me their way!

You’re welcome Elizabeth! I am impressed with the store and the owners too. I went there again yesterday after having lunch at Belle’s with my husband and kids. We loved the free samples of organic lemonade and carbonated raspberry tea. I bought more of their (very) fresh produce and my daughter said she’ll try some gum from their store. She was happy to find treats for our dog in Antony’s, which she gave to him to reward him for waiting patiently in the car.

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