Natural Health Food Stores in BC

Updated November 2013:

Sometimes I am asked, “Where can I find organic and gluten-free food?” I have listed some of the stores in Surrey, Vancouver and other communities in BC below. When I was dealing with food intolerances in 2003, many of these stores did not exist. Now you can find organic vegetables, gluten-free bread, agave nectar, chia seeds, and more at many local Price Smarts, Save-on-Foods, Extra Foods, Superstores, IGAs, Safeways and Costco. London Drugs carries many good products for people with wheat-intolerance now as well. But the biggest variety is often at natural health food stores.

choiceswr2Health food stores are a good place to find less common foods (quinoa pasta, spelt flour, tapioca flour) so that you can add variety to your diet and avoid foods you are intolerant to.  They are also a great place to buy healthier versions of some packaged foods.  Keep in mind that even though they are selling it in a health food or natural food store, it may not be healthy for you or anyone else. Read the ingredients and ask questions if you’d like to learn more.  Some of the stores below (like Choices and Donald’s Market) are regular grocery stores that have a large selection of organic goods on the shelf and a variety of organic fruit and vegetables.

In Surrey/Langley/White Rock:

In Vancouver:

In Port Coquitlam/Coquitlam/Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge:

In Burnaby/New Westminster/Richmond/Ladner:

In North Vancouver/West Vancouver/Squamish/Whistler:

  • Whole Foods – in West Van, I love stopping here after taking the ferry back from the Island
  • Nourish Market – Lynn Valley

In Abbotsford/Chilliwack/Mission:

In the Okanagan:

Vancouver Island:


Sources of more:

HANS directory

Please let me know – what stores haven’t I included?  Which have opened up recently or closed down?

2 thoughts on “Natural Health Food Stores in BC

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